Friday, May 6, 2011

Life changes

Yep, life change , everything have changed also
when 2nd year come into my life
mental and soul must prepared to face any obstacles 
i'll miss my 1st year  life 

my bestie,my rumet & my room,

my bestie 
 from left : nana,mira,shira,beLL,ley,syeeda & atein

no netball EVERY EVENING 
going to class without Nur 'Amirah Hassan Khairuma :'(   
no screaming "shira,wake up,let's playing netball"
i'm at ground floor while shira 1st floor
no come late to class "berjemaah" again 
after this,individually  lol  

Next,my beloved rumet

She's liyana,i'm call her kak leeya  
she from Shah Alam
ok,kak leeya,u look sooo chubby in this photo 
can anyone guess,how old she is ?
** years (copy star beside,go to google translate,paste & u get it) 
she's so small in malay kecik 

Then, she's Ayusuziana 
i call her kak ayu 
she from Kedah 
Kak Ayu teaching me a lot of kedah "vocabulary "  
as examples 
kedah -----> johor 
  simpan -----> kebumi 
 nyorok -----> sarapan 
and so on...... 

overall conclusion,even i'm da youngest one in our room but i'm like to bully da sister2 
in simple word i'm quiet naughty not devil ok 
because life so bored without DISTURBANCE :) 

ok,that's all for today ( this word remind me something).

daaa ~ ~ ~

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